Romy Rockx (he/they) Founder Queer Gym, board member and (personal) trainer

Dutch and English

After 10 years of experience teaching as a theatre teacher, Romy founded Queer Gym out of personal necessity. To provide the best coaching possible, he completed a personal training course at MILO. He now teaches PT to many different people with different bodies and diverse experience (from very little to a lot).

His love for the strength of the human body; physical and mental, motivates him to do this work. 

Romy’s training adapts to your goals but always centers to the quality of movement and developing a positive relationship with sports and exercise.

”Together we discover where your limits are, challenge them but do not aim to cross them.”

Romy’s personal training education is completed in June 2021 at Milo Education in Amsterdam.

Romy Rockx (he/they)