Code of conduct

At Queer Gym, we believe in building a strong and welcoming community together. We are committed to provide a safe( r ) environment in which people feel seen. To achieve this, we live by the following code of conduct:

Queer Gym philosophy

We aim to create a welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, body size, ability, race, socioeconomic status, religion, age and any other personal conditions and choices;
We aim to facilitate various ways of moving; we want to move, share, and take up space in this gym. We want to create a safe( r ) space for us – queer people – to come together, work out and have fun;
We seek to bolster queer joy, which may look different for every-body.
All individuals are seen as valuable members of this community, there is no need to measure your own or someone else’s worth in terms of how you express your queerness in or outside of the gym;
We strive to create a safe ( r) haven for the queer community in which flirting or (mental) health is not at the center of our attention;
At Queer Gym, growth doesn’t mean working towards a normative body. Growing as a person can look like experimenting, changing and failing without being judged.

Queer Gym encourages to

value us being together
have fun
be seen for who we are
create safety for (personal) change
take up space, as an individual and as a group
define queerness in our own way( s)
have our own reasons for coming here
experiment with pronouns, names, identities, clothes, workouts and taking rest
stay curious in what moving your body means to you
see ourselves as constantly changing and growing without upholding and/or creating norms
keep discovering in any way
ask for help when needed
listen to each other
move outside of our own perspectives
use inclusive language

Queer Gym discourages to

ask for an explanation when someone sets boundaries
stereotype or make assumptions about each other in any way
create competition

Queer Gym does not tolerate

non consensual behavior
trans-, fat-, or homophobia, ableism, racism or any form of stigmatization
any form of demeaning, discriminatory, intimidating, harassing or aggressive behavior or speech


In case your boundaries have been crossed, we seek to have an open conversation.

We offer a confidential counselor if you feel unsafe or unseen in any way. This person acts independently from the foundation and the board itself.