Alex Kim Victoria (they/them) Board member, crossfit trainer, personal trainer, pre- and post-natal fitness specialist

Papiamentu, Dutch, English, Spanish

In addition to working as a Crossfit Trainer for 6 years, Alex is also a Pre- and Postnatal fitness specialist. So whether you are expecting or have already given birth, you can still continue exercising safely and effectively or pick up exercising again. 

What is central to Alex is creating a safe place, self-confidence and, of course, getting stronger!

Getting the best out of yourself during workouts, adjusting where necessary, and doing more than you thought you could beforehand. Because we can all do more than we think, but sometimes that push is necessary. 

You can come to Alex for functional training; think of movements you do every day. Besides strength (& condition) training, Olympic weightlifting and for everything concerning pregnancy.

Alex Kim Victoria (they/them)