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Welcome to Queer Gym!
The first Dutch Gym focused on non-normative bodies!


Queer Gym is founded by Romy Rockx (He/him, they/them) and based in Rotterdam West.  

During my gender transition I had the privilege to work out in the home gym owned by my brother in law.
I had the chance to get to know my “new” body without overthinking what people might be saying or where to change or what to wear.


Everyone wants a save sport environment but this seems accessible for the privileged ones like me. This needs to change!” – Romy Rockx


Am I queer enough for Queer Gym? ​​

Being Queer is not aesthetics, not a recognised look, smell or taste. Not a hip fashion statement. Not a certain color or shape.


Being Queer is not your age, not a phase, you are not to old or young, early or late. Not a party you go to or a way your body moves. Not a club with a password.


Being Queer is not the same as being out. It does not have to relate to who you are or are not currently dating. It does relate to who you are open to date. It is not being sure about your gender or sexuality, not about demanding clarification. 


Being Queer is not policing who belongs. It is about making space for experimentation, joy, playfulness, freedom, taking care and being together. About being aware that this is not an obvious feeling for everyone.


We try to build a safer space. We are not authorities on Queerness. We would love to create new, even more fitting definitions together.


So to answer the question:

You are always welcome to try and move in this space.

Who is Queer Gym for?

Queer Gym is for anyone who wants to train in a safe setting to find (back) the fun and confidence in your body and in moving. ​ Want to support Queer Gym's mission?

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