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vr 21 apr



COME OUT AND PLAY - Consent workshop

One of Queer Gym’s members is inviting you to come out and play! this time, it will be with something else than our beloved kettle bells… This workshop will take place on the 21th of April You can buy a early bird for all three workshops or a single ticket for this event.

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COME OUT AND PLAY - Consent workshop
COME OUT AND PLAY - Consent workshop

Tijd en locatie

21 apr 2023 19:00 – 22:00

Rotterdam, Schuttevaerweg 111, 3044 BA Rotterdam, Netherlands


Over het evenement

Non: ‘When i was a baby queer, i got introduced to things considering queerness by going to workshops around intimacy, kink and sexuality. This is where I learned a lot: about consent, boundaries, and the relationship to my body. I owe a lot of my queer knowledge and self-discovery to this community.

Later in life, I discovered that exercising can also belong to the possibilities of connecting to my body in a nice way. For this, I owe the Queer Gym a LOT. I am grateful for this gym and community, for showing me more ways to connect to my body and feel its limits and possibilities.

Therefore, I would love to connect the world of playing at the gym with the world of playing with kink.

I will be co-hosting three workshops, with some amazing people I trust from both communities. My intention for the workshops is for people to get to know the topics of the workshops in an accessible, safe way. I trust the facilitators to be really good at holding space: creating a cosy, light environment where you feel welcome and safe, and maybe able to explore stuff for the first time in a playful way. I will assist the facilitators myself.

The workshops

The first workshop will be given by Sinsia and will be about consent. Consent is a negotiation about what you want and what you don’t want, about giving and receiving. In this workshop we will carefully explore how you do consent.

The second workshop will be given by Wilrieke and will be all about impact play, aka spanking. We will playfully explore how it feels like to spank or to be spanked.

The third workshop is about power play, and will be hosted by Lucía. It is about different roles in kink. Are you more dominant or submissive, or maybe both? In this workshop we will be trying stuff out in an accessible way, most important is to have fun!


So you think you know what you want

Consent is about so much more than just saying ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Because how do you even know what you do and don’t want? How does that feel in your body? And how do you communicate about that?

During this workshop you will get to know your body’s communication style, so that you can make more conscious choices about what you do and don’t want to do. We will slow down, take time and space to feel and thus build a more authentic connection with ourselves and the other.

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  • Early bird - Combination

    This ticket gives you acces to all three of the workshops. Consent, spanking and powerplay

    € 100,00
    +€ 2,50 servicekosten
  • Consent workshop

    This ticket gives you acces to the consent workshop on the 21st of April

    € 45,00
    +€ 1,13 servicekosten
  • Spanking workshop

    This ticket gives you acces to the spanking workshop on the 28th of April

    € 45,00
    +€ 1,13 servicekosten
  • Power Play workshop

    This ticket gives you acces to the Power Play workshop in May

    € 45,00
    +€ 1,13 servicekosten


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