5 June

19:30 - 21:00

Every Wednesday evening

CONTENTS: From April 3 to June 5, you can work on your own resilience every Wednesday evening on Zomerhofstraat. Resilience is not a trait but a collection of different strategies that you can use when experiencing stressful events. This is about personal strategies and self-care, but also about self-knowledge and engaging other people who can help you through it if you no longer like it. But the queer community can also help you stay resilient!

WORKSHOPS: In the 10 workshops we will work on becoming aware of your specific needs and practicing various strategies to be able to deal resiliently with the shit that life you sometimes throw in. As a queer or gender-divers person you can also have to deal with incomprehension, discrimination or lengthy waiting lists. And that is stressful. That is why we are actively working on increasing your resilience in this series. In the workshops we discuss the following themes: queer identity, dealing with microagressions, exposing negative thoughts, communicating needs, queer role models, community & support. During one of the worshops we will work on the theme ‘privilege’ with Karim el Oteify, expert in the field of Diversity and Inclusion. This workshop will be partly in English. Are you signing up for a workshop? Super nice that you are there! We start the workshops together with a short check-in and some theory.

You will receive a worksheet with the summary of the theory and the associated exercises. Then you get to work yourself. You can perform the exercises on the worksheet or if you like it on your own laptop. You can immediately fill them in completely during the workshops or continue working on them at home. We discuss or practice some assignments in groups or pairs. Nothing is necessary by the way; if you need something else, we will take it into account! Will you be there next time? Beautiful! You can continue where you left off or continue with the new theme. After 9 workshops you will have a workbook full of your own ideas, strategies and tactics for dealing with stressful situations. You have a better idea of who you are, what you can do and what you are good at and know what you can do in certain stressful situations. The last workshop is all about saying goodbye and moving on. If for some reason it is too much during the workshop, you can always take a break. Of course I can always go with you if you need it. And do you notice that a subject touches you very much and you are left with it later? You can always send me a whatsapp to talk about it!

ABOUT ME: Hi! I am Nina Rimmelzwaan. A 33-year-old queer Rotterdammert with an ADHD head and a background in social work. In recent years I have been able to guide all kinds of people, but I like guiding LGBTI + people the most. I currently work at the GGD Regio Utrecht as a trainer and advisor in the field of sexuality, gender and sexual diversity. Because I missed the individual guidance of queer cuties and gender-diverse dear ones, I started Queer Counseling for myself this year

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